DIY Styrofoam Head with Flowers

I’m a little obsessed with those styrofoam mannequin heads that you can buy at craft stores. I’ve always wanted to do some kind of fun project with the mannequins, so I searched Pinterest for ideas. I saw lots of cute photos of turning the foam heads into different decor like flower vases, school supply organizers, art displays, etc. I decided to go with a flower project since I already own a large number of artificial flowers.

Here’s the completed project:


I think it’s super cute even though everyone else thinks it is kind of funny to have a decorated mannequin head displayed in my bedroom. I can’t help that I enjoy creating fun and crazy craft projects!

Continue reading below for the supply list and instructions on how to decorate a styrofoam head.



1. I used a product called MagiKote, which transforms styrofoam into a smooth, hard, paintable surface. The coating was purchased at Hobby Lobby, and it’s¬†really easy to use. Just follow the application and drying instructions on the bottle.


2. After the surface coating dried, I then applied false eyelashes and makeup to the mannequin’s face. I think the eyelashes and makeup added lots of character to the project.


3. This step is where I inserted the artificial flowers through the top of the head. I cut the flower stems but left just enough of the length so that the buds would remain in place. Make sure to arrange the flowers evenly on the head. If you insert too many flowers on one side, the head will fall over from the uneven weight. You may also adhere the flowers to the top of the head with a hot glue gun if you are using flowers with no stems.


And that’s it! The finished project is now ready to display.


I had a lovely time creating this project. I am seriously considering installing some shelves on a wall and filling them up with decorated foam heads!

Thanks for reading!



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