DIY Wood Slice Hanging Shelf

I bought a round-shaped wooden plaque that I intended to turn into a clock, but I saw so many beautiful projects on Pinterest that persuaded me to turn the wood slice into a hanging shelf for my flowers.


This project is very easy and inexpensive to do. It only took me a few minutes to drill the holes into the wood and add the rope and flowers.

Follow the instructions below for inspiration.



  • Round Basswood Plaque (Large)
  • Burlap Jute Rope
  • Flowers in vase
  • Drill
  • White Chalk Paint (Optional)
  • Foam Brush (Optional)


  • The first thing I did was paint one side of the wood with white chalk paint. This step is optional because I only painted the plaque because I was going to turn it into a clock.



  • I let the paint dry, and then I drilled four holes into the wood slice.



  • Next, I cut two strands of jute rope to about 3.5 feet long each and inserted the ends of the rope into the holes. The rope is very thick, so you may need to twist it tightly to fit through the holes.



  • Then, I tied each end into a knot underneath the wooden plaque. Make sure each knot is tight and secure.



  • Finally, I hung the project from a hook and added my jar of flowers.



Not only is this flower hanger beautiful, but it’s also a fun and creative way to display plants and flowers around your home.



Thanks for reading!

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