DIY Flower Number

Join me on April 2, 2017 for National DIY Day. The first event launched in 2016 by the Craft Box Girls team with the intent to bring people together across the world for a day of crafts and celebrations.

In honor of this upcoming day, I am sharing lots of fun DIY projects on my blog and social media accounts. Feel free to follow me as well as my fellow DIY Day Ambassadors for more craft ideas and inspiration.


Continue reading below for this week’s tutorial.

DIY Flower Number


This flowery project is perfect for birthdays, party decorations, photoshoots, etc.


  • Cardboard
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Scissors or  Utility Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tulle
  • Black Marker



  • Find a thin piece of cardboard that’s easy to cut.


  • Use a stencil or freehand draw the number on the cardboard with a black pen or marker.


  • Cut the number out with scissors are a utility knife.
  • Glue artificial flowers on the number until the cardboard is no longer visible.


  • Finally, hang with tulle tied in a bow.




As a National DIY DAY ambassador I am proud to support AdoptAClassroom.org and their mission to give teachers a hand by providing much-needed classroom materials so that their students can learn and succeed. National DIY DAY and Wonderful Creations is committed to supporting classrooms and providing tools for students and teachers to enhance the creative learning experience.

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