Turn a Framed Mirror Into a Vanity Tray

Welcome everyone! Today I am showing you how I turned an old framed mirror into a vanity tray. I hate throwing away any piece of furniture or item in my home without trying to figure out a way to recycle or reuse it. I think this repurposed mirror project turned out beautifully!

Check out the tutorial and photos below.


  • Framed Mirror
  • White Chalk Paint
  • Metallic Glass Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Masking Tape
  • Flower Stencil
  • Fine Grit Sandpaper


  • Clean the framed mirror with a damp rag.

20160514_181426_Richtone(HDR) (2)

  • Cover the mirror with masking tape, then paint the outer frame with the white chalk paint. Let the paint dry.
  • Lightly distress the frame with fine grit sandpaper.

20160516_114953 (2)

20160516_115027_Richtone(HDR) (2)

  • Remove the masking tape. Place an adhesive stencil on the center of the mirror, then paint a flower on the mirror with metallic glass paint. Let the paint dry.

20160516_124501 (2)

20160516_131255_Richtone(HDR) (2)

20160609_141311 (2)

  • Place the tray on a desk or counter. Add your perfume bottles, jewelry, etc. Enjoy!

20160609_141944 (2)

20160609_141443 (2)


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