Chalkboard Paint Crafts

I like chalkboard paint because it’s cheap and easy to use. I was able to buy this can of chalkboard spray paint for under $4.

DSCF5758 (2)

My son loves to write on everything, so this paint gave me the opportunity to upcycle some old items in my home and allow my son to doodle and express his creativity.

The directions are pretty simple:

  • Spray two coats of paint on each object
  • Let them dry for 24 hours.
  • Prepare surface by rubbing side of chalk on entire surface and erase.

I painted a wood stool, ceramic mug, and a wood chest. Easy and fun!

DSCF5763 (2) DSCF5764 (2) DSCF5771 (2) DSCF5799 (2)


DSCF5756 (2) DSCF5780 (2) DSCF5795 (2) DSCF5796 (2)


DSCF5759 (2) DSCF5766 (2) DSCF5775 (2) DSCF5804 (2)

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