DIY Hanging Tire Planter

I saw tire planters for the first time on HGTV. I loved the look of the colorful and beautiful flowers inside the old tires. I thought it added so much character to the yards and it was an awesome way to reuse old tires without letting them sit on the side of the road or in a landfill. After seeing this project and similar projects on Pinterest, I knew I wanted some tire planters for my backyard.

The best part about this project is that it’s easy to do.

First, I rinsed off and spray painted two old tires.

DSCF5364 (2) DSCF5367 (2)

Next, I drilled two metal hooks into my fence and the hung tires. (You can also drill a couple of holes into the bottom of the tires for drainage.)

DSCF5381 (2) DSCF5382 (2)

Finally, I added the soil and flowers to the inside of the tires.

DSCF5388 (2) DSCF5386 (2)

I used Marigolds I found on sale at Lowe’s. I make sure to keep them watered because the heat has been intense the past few days. I love the charm the flowers add to my backyard!

Are you all working on any garden projects? Share your ideas and comments.

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