Gold Painted Crafts

This post is all about gold paint. I love it and use it often for crafts and home projects. I had some gold acrylic paint and spray paint that I needed to get rid of, so I used them for the easy projects you will read about in this blog post.

The first project is my DIY Jewelry Stand. I bought a plate, bowl, and glass candle holder from Dollar Tree, painted them using a paint pen and stencil, then glued them together using glass glue.

DSCF5046 (2) DSCF5051 (2) DSCF5060 (2) DSCF5115 (3) DSCF5115 (4)

DSCF5142 (2)DSCF5107 (2) DSCF5110 (2) DSCF5114 (2)

For the next projects, I used Rust-Oleum Bright Gold Spray Paint.


I began by spray painting the picture frame.

DSCF5163 (2) DSCF5175 (2)

I wanted to frame an inspirational quote, and I was able to with the help of this lovely website that provided free printable sayings. My goal was to use some type of card stock or glossy paper, but I didn’t feel like going to a store and spending more money, so I just used regular printer paper.

DSCF5177 (2)DSCF5190 (2)

I think it looks pretty good!

Finally, I spray painted a metal organizer.

DSCF5160 (2) DSCF5159 (2) DSCF5170 (2) DSCF5172 (2)

Here are all the projects arranged on my desk.

DSCF5211 (2)

The gold crafts look great on the desk. I love adding new decor to my room.

***Free printable available at littleinspiration.com

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