Craft Roundup

This has been such a busy week! I’m finally getting the opportunity to share this blog post with everyone. I’ve cleaned out my camera and computer, and I found some photos of projects that I’ve never shared. I make lots of crafts throughout the week for myself and for other people. I don’t always get a chance to write tutorials for everything that I create, but I still want to share the photos with the fabulous readers and subscribers of this blog. I hope you all enjoy getting a glimpse at each project.

The first project is something I like to call a mini “LOVE” statue. I made it out of a foam poster board and glitter. Then I glued the letters on a painted wood board.

DSCF3756 (2) DSCF3761 (2) DSCF3767 (2) DSCF3770 (2) DSCF3796 (2)

The second project is my version of DIY Lava Lamps. This is an awesome idea to share with children. I filled each water bottle with 1/3 water and 2/3 vegetable oil. I poured about 8-10 drops of food coloring into each bottle. Then I added Alka Seltzer. The Alka Seltzer combines with the oil, water, and food coloring to create the lava effect.

DSCF3928 (2) DSCF3930 (2) DSCF3935 (2) DSCF3939 (2) DSCF3949 (2) DSCF3966 (3)

For the third project, I painted this paper decor that I bought during a clearance sale. I used the eraser on the pencil to help paint the polka dots.

DSCF3635 (2)DSCF3637 (2) DSCF3639 (2) DSCF3640 (2) DSCF3644 (2)

The last projects are crafts that I made for two social media events hosted by a magazine.

The first assignment was decorating Easter eggs. All I did was hot glue floral embellishments on plastic eggs.

DSCF3262 (2) DSCF3262 (3)

The second assignment was to make handmade cards. I made my cards using cardstock, washi tape, felt flowers, and a plastic flower.

DSCF3675 (2) DSCF3681 (2) DSCF3696 (2)

Please feel free to share and comment on any project. Have a great day!

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