DIY Letters

Constantly buying wooden letters can become very pricey depending on where you buy your craft products. I love doing letter crafts because there are so many different projects I can do for my son. So, instead of buying expensive letters from craft stores, I made some letters on my own using cardboard and spray paint.


Cut pieces from a box and use spray paint or paint by hand

IMG-20130830-01102 (1200x900)


Draw the letters onto the cardboard

IMG-20130831-01103 (900x1200)

Cut out then paint the letters

IMG-20130902-01104 (1200x900)

Once the letters have dried, attach them to a wall

IMG-20130904-01111 (1200x716)


This is a very easy project that will add a lot of character to a blank wall, and the best thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

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