Decorate a Jewelry Box

I am always looking for fun ways to store my jewelry. I purchased a plain, wooden keepsake box from Dollar Tree and some beads to glue onto the box. I used tacky glue for my adhesive because it dries quickly and clearly. This keepsake box can be used as an inexpensive party favor or gift or just something creative to have around your home.



I painted the box with gold acrylic paint so that the wood wouldn’t show through the beads.

IMG-20130623-00887 (1090x818)

IMG-20130624-00888 (818x1090)


I let the paint dry for a couple of hours. Then, I spread the glue onto the box and sprinkled the beads into a design on top of the glue. I made sure each side was dry before I moved on to the next section.

IMG-20130625-00889 (1090x818)



Here is what the box looks like after all the beads and glue dried together:

IMG-20130704-00905 (1090x851)

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