Spring Wreath

It’s finally Spring! I decided to make a wreath in honor of the new season. I did three different versions of the wreath because I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.

Below is a list of supplies I used:

  • 2 rolls of 6″x20 yds white tulle
  • 1 roll of 6″x25 yds Apple Green Sparkle Tulle
  • 1 roll of 6″x25 yds Orange Sparkle Tulle
  • 10 in. wire wreath

Start cutting the tulle into 6 in. x 1.5 in. strips. You will need several hundred strips to cover the wreath. Next, start tying the tulle into double knots around the top two rings. When you finish covering the top two rings, start tying tulle around the bottom two rings. I like to alternate the tulle in order to have the colors equally distributed around the wreath.

006 (1300x975) 013 (1300x975) 012 (1300x975) 009 (1300x975)

Even though this is an easy project to make, it still takes a few hours to cut and tie the tulle around the wreath.

Here’s the finished wreath:

006 (1300x975)

I decided later on that I wanted to add something extra to the wreath so I painted some wooden letters.

026 (1300x975) 010 (1300x975)

Here’s what the wreath looks like with the letters:

034 (1300x975) 017 (1300x975)

I may go with the “B” wreath. What do you think????

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