Thumbtacks Letter

This is a fun and glittery project. You don’t need any special skills to do it, and the finished product looks great as a centerpiece or as wall art.

What you need:

  • foam board
  • glue
  • paint
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • thumbtacks

All you need to do for the thumbtacks is to spread glue on the top of the tacks, sprinkle them with glitter, and then let them dry.

028 (1300x975)016 (1300x975)

As the thumbtacks are drying, start working on the letter. Draw the letter on a foam board and then cut the letter out. I painted the letter so that there wouldn’t be any white spaces showing through the thumbtacks.

036 (1300x975)

After all the thumbtacks are dry (I let the tacks dry for several hours), start pressing them into the letter.

Final result:

039 (1300x975)

*Tip: Use Mod Podge on top of the tacks to keep the glitter from falling off.

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