Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Wrapping Paper Crafts

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Favorites. Today I am sharing photos of projects I made using one roll of wrapping paper. I like the floral print on the paper. It's so romantic and feminine. At first, I bought the paper just because I thought it was pretty and I could wrap… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Wrapping Paper Crafts


DIY: Cover Books with Wrapping Paper

Today I am showing you how to turn inexpensive paperback books into pretty decor for your home. This tutorial also works for hardcover books. Continue reading below for some creative inspiration. Materials You'll Need: Books Decorative Wrapping Paper Lace Ribbon Artificial Flowers Scissors Clear Tape Instructions: Spread out the wrapping paper on a table. Lay… Continue reading DIY: Cover Books with Wrapping Paper


Customize Chair with Mod Podge

I enjoy working with Mod Podge and discovering all the different projects I can create with it. I saw lots of posts on Pinterest where people used Mod Podge to decoupage furniture with objects like paper, leaves, fabric, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to use some of these techniques and give… Continue reading Customize Chair with Mod Podge