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Canvas Art

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. 2014 was a crazy year, and I am very happy to move on and see what 2015 holds for me and my family.

I made this art project because my goal is to surround myself with positivity. I wanted the canvas to look bright, cheerful, and to have an uplifting message written on it. I feel like a blank canvas is the best way to express emotions and creativity.

I used the following supplies:

  • White and Yellow Acrylic Paint
  • 16″x20″ Stretched Canvas
  • Paint Brushes
  • Metallic Silver Paint Pen
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Stencils

I started off by painting the entire canvas yellow. This color makes me happy and instantly puts me in a good mood.

DSCF1348 (2) DSCF1358 (2)


Next, I stenciled shapes on the canvas once the yellow paint was dry.

DSCF2547 (2) DSCF2555 (2)

Then, I used a paint marker and letter stencils to write the word “smile” on the canvas.

DSCF2560 (2) 20150109_100717 (2) DSCF2562 (2)

Finally, I hot glued artificial flowers on the canvas and hung the art on my wall.

DSCF2591 (2)




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Charger Plate and Metal Tray Crafts

These craft projects are easy ways to decorate your home.

For the first project, I used a cheap charger plate I bought at a craft store for $1, gold spray paint, a Sharpie paint pen, and a stencil.

DSCF1959DSCF1920DSCF2045 Sharpie_PaintMd_black

I painted the plate with the gold spray paint. Once the paint was dry, I drew designs on the plate using the paint pen and stencil.




For the next project, I used metal serving trays from Dollar Tree to make useful wall decorations.


I used Krylon Paint + Primer in different colors to paint the trays. Then, I added chalkboard paint to one of the trays.


I made magnets for the other trays using adhesive magnet buttons and mosaic tiles.



Here is the finished project:




Now I have a fun way of leaving messages and instructions for my family.



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Wood Frame + Wood Letter

I went to Michaels earlier this week because they were having an awesome sale throughout the store, plus, I received a 20% off coupon (that’s the only way I can afford to shop at some of these craft stores). I found lots of items on clearance, including this wood frame and letter:


I decided to turn the frame and letter into wall art using paint, scrapbook paper, and cotton fabric.

I started off by painting the frame with sage green acrylic paint.

DSCF1523 DSCF1496

As the paint was drying on the frame, I started working on the wood letter. I traced the letter on a sheet of scrapbook paper, then I glued the paper on the letter using Mod Podge.

DSCF1498 DSCF1503

To finish off the project, I made a bow out of the cotton fabric.



Here is the completed product:




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Paper Towel/Tissue Roll Tree

I have saved several paper towel and tissue paper rolls over the past few months to use for future projects. I was so happy to discover the website, where a poster gave a step-by-step tutorial (click here) on how to make a tree using the rolls, paint, and glue.


Below are photos of how I made my tree:







I think this is an excellent way to recycle tissue rolls. I can see this as a fun project for a child’s room, a classroom, or for anyone who likes to create unique wall decorations.



***All credit for this idea goes to melissa at!***