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DIY Upcycled Projects

Are you ready to join the upcycling movement? For those who don't know, to upcycle means to reuse an object or material and turn it into something of higher quality or value. This process has grown in popularity over the years because it's a great way to save money, and more people are investing in… Continue reading DIY Upcycled Projects

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How to Make a Hula Hoop Centerpiece

If you have followed this blog for any time, you will know that I enjoy reusing and repurposing items for my projects. One thing I like using the most is a hula hoop. You can turn hula hoops into wreaths, rugs, chandeliers, and other creative ideas. I am sharing how I turned a hula hoop… Continue reading How to Make a Hula Hoop Centerpiece


DIY Wall Art Made Out of Cardboard

I had a fun idea to turn a piece of cardboard into wall art. I'm a firm believer that almost anything can be reused, so I make sure to save a lot of glass bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. for my craft projects. For this particular project, I decided to go with a bird and nature theme.… Continue reading DIY Wall Art Made Out of Cardboard


Turn a Piece of Cardboard into Wall Decor

Read this blog post before you throw away your cardboard boxes. I've mentioned several times how I like to repurpose and reuse items instead of putting them in the trash. I recently had a chair shipped to my house that was in a large cardboard box. The cardboard was so thick and sturdy that I… Continue reading Turn a Piece of Cardboard into Wall Decor


Repurposed Shutters + Wood Crate and Flowers

I enjoy finding new ways to reuse old items. I hate throwing things away without figuring out how I can either fix it, donate it or recycle it. While browsing on Pinterest, I found lots of ideas for repurposing household objects. I decided to use some of these techniques on a shutter that I never… Continue reading Repurposed Shutters + Wood Crate and Flowers


DIY Suitcase Table

Hi everyone! Today I am writing about a fun upcycling project I made for my living room. While browsing through Pinterest, I saw hundreds of photos of old suitcases turned into tables. I immediately went on the search for a cute suitcase and found one at my local Joann craft store. This suitcase was just… Continue reading DIY Suitcase Table


Desk Makeover

I love recycling old furniture and giving it a new look! My mom gave me an old, broken desk that was in my brother's room. I felt so excited when I saw the piece of furniture because all I could think about was the different ways I wanted to decorate it.   Here's a list… Continue reading Desk Makeover


Chalkboard Paint Crafts

I like chalkboard paint because it's cheap and easy to use. I was able to buy this can of chalkboard spray paint for under $4. My son loves to write on everything, so this paint gave me the opportunity to upcycle some old items in my home and allow my son to doodle and express… Continue reading Chalkboard Paint Crafts


Repurposed Changing Table

I have given away most of my son's baby items and furniture because he has outgrown everything. The last item left was his changing table. I didn't want to throw it away because I thought I could reuse the changing table as a desk or storage for my room. I live in a townhouse with… Continue reading Repurposed Changing Table