Repurposed Shutters + Wood Crate and Flowers

I enjoy finding new ways to reuse old items. I hate throwing things away without figuring out how I can either fix it, donate it or recycle it. While browsing on Pinterest, I found lots of ideas for repurposing household objects. I decided to use some of these techniques on a shutter that I never… Continue reading Repurposed Shutters + Wood Crate and Flowers


Turn a Mirror Into a Chalkboard

Hello everyone! Check out today's craft project where I show you how to turn a mirror into a beautiful chalkboard. I'm a big fan of giving old items a new look. Follow the instructions below. Supplies: Framed Mirror Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint Flower Wall Stickers Chalk Masking Tape Instructions: Clean any dirt and smudges on… Continue reading Turn a Mirror Into a Chalkboard


Decorating with Yellow

I love decorating with neutral colors, but lately it seems I am drawn to yellow decor. This week, I took some yellow fabric and yellow spray paint and made a couple of quick craft projects. 1. Repurposed Coffee Container My husband saves containers for me because he knows I like to reuse them for craft… Continue reading Decorating with Yellow


Reuse Peanut Cans

I enjoy reusing cans and jars instead of throwing them in the trash. A lot of those containers can be cleaned up and used as storage for other items. A few posts ago, I turned pickle jars into candy jars. For this post, I am using peanut cans as flower vases. Step 1: Find empty… Continue reading Reuse Peanut Cans


Reuse Pickle Jars

Today's craft project is all about reusing items I already own. My family and I are fans of pickles, and I like to save the pickle jars after they are empty because I know I will use them for future craft projects. There were two issues with this project: Removing the labels Getting rid of… Continue reading Reuse Pickle Jars


Repurposed Changing Table

I have given away most of my son's baby items and furniture because he has outgrown everything. The last item left was his changing table. I didn't want to throw it away because I thought I could reuse the changing table as a desk or storage for my room. I live in a townhouse with… Continue reading Repurposed Changing Table