Turn a Framed Mirror Into a Vanity Tray

Welcome everyone! Today I am showing you how I turned an old framed mirror into a vanity tray. I hate throwing away any piece of furniture or item in my home without trying to figure out a way to recycle or reuse it. I think this repurposed mirror project turned out beautifully! Check out the… Continue reading Turn a Framed Mirror Into a Vanity Tray


Turn a Mirror Into a Chalkboard

Hello everyone! Check out today's craft project where I show you how to turn a mirror into a beautiful chalkboard. I'm a big fan of giving old items a new look. Follow the instructions below. Supplies: Framed Mirror Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint Flower Wall Stickers Chalk Masking Tape Instructions: Clean any dirt and smudges on… Continue reading Turn a Mirror Into a Chalkboard


Looking Glass Paint Project

I love the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. I found it in a store several months ago, and I have been trying it out on a few items in my house. The best things about this spray paint is that it is easy to use, it gives clear glass a reflective finish, and it dries… Continue reading Looking Glass Paint Project


Make Your Own Mirror

This is a fun and easy project you can do for any room in your home. I used the following supplies: 10" round mirror (bought one for $1.99) foam board (bought one for $1 at Dollar Tree) light blue acrylic paint tacky glue glass gems ( I bought $3 worth at Dollar Tree) I cut… Continue reading Make Your Own Mirror