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DIY Wish List

I absolutely love decorating and doing DIY projects. Some days I have so many ideas that I just do not have the time to complete them all. Then, there are times when my mind is drawing a blank, and I have no idea what projects to work on. When I need new ideas and inspiration, I either visit craft stores or I visit craft websites to find tutorials for new projects. This blog post is all about DIY projects that are inspiring me and are on my wish list to complete in the future.

***Get the tutorials by clicking on the project titles.***

ef28bc563d7aa4bce8564170023e6410 Flower Letter

3ccb8851c4476af620cc2463266cb275 Monogram Porch Sign

13f9fab4118f96933ea6391f955b84f1 Floral Arrangement

a9721ff8cde27a89931562c615c4ec77 Photo Frame Accent Table

bb2d75dbd79cde3763608e57e7dd2f97Shabby Chic Seat

d05c9774c9942f73ec6a838401e1718e Chalk Framed Clock

b1b1d89be1c28d774e60ddc6fe3f57efDIY Beverage Carts

e12c60d63d66a8d4bda2e177f2070200 Mantel Decor

38f320cf503a41ccc330557074b270f3 Photo Frame Wreath

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Painted Chalkboard Organizer

I saw this chalkboard organizer at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and I couldn’t leave the store without buying it. The best part is that I had a 50% off coupon, so I only spent about $7.50!

DSCF4662 (3)

I knew that I was going to spray paint it because I had two cans of paint left over from an earlier project. I also knew that I wanted to add a map to the organizer because I’m kind of obsessed with all the map crafts I found on Pinterest.

DSCF4667 (2)

I started by covering the chalkboard with masking tape and paper, then I spray painted the wood.

DSCF4669 (3)

Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze is one of my favorite colors. I enjoy using Krylon spray paints because the paint dries quickly and the nozzle doesn’t get clogged.


After the paint dried, I began to decoupage the strips of map on the organizer using Mod Podge (satin).

DSCF4671 (2) DSCF4678 (2)

I applied a layer of Mod Podge on the back of the map strips as well as on the four wooden boards. Then I adhered them together and removed any wrinkles or bubbles with my finger.

I let the paper dry for a couple of hours before I used an X-acto knife to trim the edges.

For the last step, I applied another layer of Mod Podge to seal the map.

DSCF4714 (3)

This chalkboard organizer is hanging on the wall in my bedroom/office. I love it because I can leave myself notes throughout the day, and I can store my mail without it getting lost under a pile of papers on my desk.


I hope everyone enjoyed this project. Please feel free to like, share, and comment.

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Chevron Wood Crate

I completed this easy project in just a couple of hours. I love working with wood crates because there are so many ways to decorate them and use them in my house. I found this white wash wood crate at Joann Fabrics and Crafts:

DSCF3122 (3)

I was so happy with this crate because it was already an excellent color, and I bought it at 40% off with a coupon!

I’m going with a gray and yellow theme in my living room, so I painted parts of the crate with gray chalk paint.

DSCF3080 (2) DSCF3151

I let the paint dry for about two hours. Then, I decorated the crate with marigold chevron washi tape.


Here is the finished crate:

DSCF3154 (2)