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Simple Christmas Decorations

I can’t believe that Christmas is in a few days! This year has went by so quickly. I have been busy doing several craft projects, and I didn’t realize how fast time has gone by. For this blog post, I wanted to share with you all some of the Christmas crafts I have worked on. I think that they are fairly simple to complete, and hopefully someone can draw inspiration from the projects.

  1. Garland Wreath

For this project, I used a 12 in. foam wreath and red and gold tinsel garland.

DSCF2342 (2)

All I did was wrap the garland around the wreath until the wreath was fully covered.

DSCF2345 (2)

DSCF2362 (3)

Only took me about 5 minutes!

2. Christmas Wood Frame

I used a frame from a previous craft, and turned it into wall art.

DSCF2374 (2)

I spray painted the frame red. After the frame was dry, I cut some wrapping paper and attached it to the back of the frame.

DSCF2411 (2)

I hung the frame from a couple of nails that were already in my wall. Then, I added the gold ornament.

DSCF2376 (2)

DSCF2426 (2)


3. Christmas Sign

I really enjoyed doing this project because the sign came from a piece of an old drawer in my son’s room.


I was dismantling the drawer and I wanted to save some parts for future projects. I took the back part off and used it for my sign.


I thought I wanted to paint it white, but I went with red instead.

DSCF2374 (3)DSCF2253

After the board was dry, I used a gold paint pen and some stencils to draw letters and shapes.

DSCF2262 (2) DSCF2267 (2)

DSCF2320 (2)

I put the finished sign by my Christmas tree. I love the way it looks there.

DSCF2441 (2)

DSCF2439 (2)

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DIY Halloween Wreath (Easy)

This is a quick and easy project if you are still looking for last-minute Halloween decorations. I made this using a 12 in. foam wreath, straight pins, black polyester ribbon, and Dollar Tree Halloween decorations.

I started off by wrapping the ribbon around the wreath. I secured the ribbon with the straight pins (I used this method because I plan on using the wreath at a later date).

DSCF2111 (2)

DSCF0478 (2)


I used the straight pins again to secure the Halloween decorations to the wreath.

DSCF2119 DSCF2145 (2)DSCF2121 (2)


Finally, I tied black ribbon around the top part of the wreath so that I could hang it from my door.

DSCF2139 (2)


Happy Halloween!

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Glass Jar with Chalkboard Paint Label

I am loving so many of the different chalkboard paint crafts on various blogs, so I had to do a project for my home. I bought a cheap glass canister from a dollar store, a heart stencil, and a 2 fl. oz. bottle of chalkboard paint to complete this project.


I taped the stencil onto the glass jar and painted about three coats of the paint into a heart shape.


I let the paint dry for about 3 hours before I wrote on the jar with chalk.

DSCF0581 DSCF0584 DSCF0602

This inexpensive project is a great gift idea for friends and family. You can fill the jar with your loved one’s favorite treats and write their name on the paint.