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Glitter Gem Rings

Making these sparkly rings took me back to my childhood when I used to shop in the mall at those jewelry stores for preteen girls. Everything was so bright, shiny, and colorful. I wanted my glitter rings to look as fun and pretty as the rings I bought years ago. I think I accomplished my goal!

20160308_144801 (2)

Supplies I Used:

  • Adjustable Ring Bases
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Glass Gems
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond Ultra Stix All

Elmers-Craft-Bond-Ultra-Stix-All-5-8-Ounces-Clear-ce6e421d-6860-4be6-bb3e-4e24f1ab540d_600 20160308_123644_Richtone(HDR) (2)



1. Apply a layer of Mod Podge on the ring top, then sprinkle on the glitter color of your choice. Let the glitter and glue dry for about 30 minutes.

20160308_145553 (2) 20160308_124043_Richtone(HDR) (2)

2. Cover the bottom of the glass gem with the Elmer’s glue or some other bonding adhesive that dries clear.

20160308_132255 (2)

3. Press the glass gem on top of the ring. Hold them together for about 10-15 seconds so that the ring and gem can bond together. Set the ring upright until the adhesive completely dries (about 1-2 hours) and the gem is no longer movable.

20160308_132427 (3)

You now have a ring that sparkles!



I made five rings that look awesome when the sunlight hits them. The colors are so beautiful. The rings look like they are glowing!

20160308_144033_Richtone(HDR) (2)

20160308_144328_Richtone(HDR) (2)



Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share your comments below.



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Paint and Glitter Jars

I’m in the mood for some pretty decor. That means a lot of things in my home are about to get a makeover. Nothing is safe!

As many of you may know, I like to save and reuse food containers. Glass pasta sauce jars are perfect for craft projects. I feel so creative when I think of new ways to use old things. It also helps me save money because I don’t have to go to a store and buy more jars and supplies.

This project is fun and versatile. I can use the jars as table centerpieces for my home or as decorations for a party.

Supplies I Used:

  • Krylon Spray Paint (Color: Ballet Slipper)
  • Glass Jars
  • Extra Fine Glitter (Gold)
  • Mod Podge (Gloss)
  • Blue Painter’s Tape
  • Foam Brush.


1. Wash and dry the jars.

20160220_133249_Richtone(HDR) (2)


2. Cover your work area so that you won’t get paint everywhere. Turn the jars upside down and apply two light coats of the spray paint. Make sure the paint dries between each coat. Only paint in a well-ventilated area. I let the jars dry about 3 hours before I moved on to the next step.

20160220_153427 (2)

3. Wrap the painter’s tape about 2-3 inches from the bottom of the jars. This is the area where you will add the glitter and Mod Podge.

4. Use a foam brush to apply a layer of Mod Podge on each jar. Cover the bottom of the jars with gold glitter. Let the glitter dry for about 1 hour, then seal it with another layer of Mod Podge. Let the glitter dry again for about 1-2 hours.

20160221_125323_Richtone(HDR) (2)

5. Cut out strips of ribbon to tie a bow around the mouth of each jar.

20160222_124657 (2) 20160222_141504 (2)

6. Add flowers and display your new decorations!

20160222_141038 (2)


I decided to place the jars on my mantel along with a small birdcage I bought from Michaels.

20160222_140956 (2)

20160222_140930 (2)


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Craft Roundup: Decorate Office Supplies

Welcome to another craft roundup! Every week I will share with you some of my favorite craft projects. The theme for this week is decorating office supplies.

Have you ever bought some items and thought they would look better if you added your own designs? Well, that’s how I felt about the supplies I bought for my office. There’s no way a crafty and creative person like me can have a plain stapler and pencils sitting on her desk!

  • Glitter Pencils – Apply glue around the top part of the pencils, sprinkle glitter on the glue, then let the pencils dry for about 1-2 hours. Seal the glitter with another layer of glue.

Glitter Pencil 2 Glitter Pencil 3 Glitter Pencil


  • Gold Painted Clipboard and Notepad – Apply designs to the items with a gold paint pen.

1455838151969 1455837917988

1455837250808 1455837191731


  • Glitter Thumbtacks – Apply glue to the thumbtacks, then cover them with glitter. Seal the glitter on the thumbtacks with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

1455837736326 1455837279069


  • Glitter Office Supplies – I completed this project about a month ago. I like the sparkly supplies so much that I wanted to share them again! (click here for tutorial)

20160117_150803_Richtone(HDR) (2) 20160117_151128 (2) 20160117_150851 (2)20160117_150919_Richtone(HDR) (2)


Enjoy, and join me again for next week’s craft roundup!


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Glitter Office Supplies

I’m one of those people who believes that you can never have too much glitter in your life. Yes, it gets everywhere, but I love it! That’s why I decided to glitter my office supplies. My house is now extra sparkly after I finished this project.

Materials I used:

  • Scissors
  • Magnetic Clips
  • Small Stapler
  • Tape Dispenser
  • School Glue
  • Foam Brush
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Gold Glitter
  • Masking Tape
  • Clear Sealer

20160116_151346_Richtone(HDR) (2)

1. Tape the silver part of the stapler and the blades on the scissors.

20160116_152135 (2)

2. Paint the office supplies with gold spray paint.

20160116_152239 (2)

20160116_155916 (2)

3. After the paint dries, use a foam brush to cover the supplies with a thin layer of glue.

20160117_083307 (2)

4. Cover your work area with paper or anything to catch the falling glitter. Then, begin sprinkling the glitter over the supplies. Let the glitter and glue on the supplies dry overnight.

20160117_083355 (2)

20160117_083639 (2)

20160117_132625 (2)

5. Seal the glitter by spreading a thin layer of glue on the supplies or by spraying them with a clear sealer.

20160117_082903_Richtone(HDR) (2)

20160117_132934 (2)

The supplies are ready to use once the sealer dries.

20160117_150851 (2)

20160117_150919_Richtone(HDR) (2)

20160117_150824 (2)



Go grab some glitter and have fun!


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DIY Glitter Pine Cones

These glittered pine cones are an inexpensive and beautiful way to decorate for the holidays. In only a few steps,  you can add a little sparkle to your home.


DSCF6267 (2)  DSCF6286 (2)

  • Pine Cones
  • Extra Fine Glitter (multiple colors)
  • Glue

Place several pine cones on a cookie sheet, and bake for 40 minutes in a 200° F oven. This will kill any insects on the pine cones. Let the pine cones cool for about 30 minutes.

DSCF6269 (2)

Cover your work space with newspaper or with anything that can catch the falling glitter. Although glitter is pretty, it is also very messy!

Coat each pine cone with glue. I used tacky glue, but any clear drying glue will do.

DSCF6287 (2)

Lay the pine cones on paper plates and sprinkle glitter over the cones. Turn the plate as you sprinkle to make sure the pine cones are evenly covered with glitter.

DSCF6293 (2) DSCF6291 (2) DSCF6289 (2)

Let the pine cones dry for 3-4 hours.

DSCF6297 (2)


Now the pine cones are ready to display for the holidays!

DSCF6302 (3)

DSCF6296 (3)




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Glittered Leaves Door Hanger

I found this glittery idea in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. It involved two of my favorite things: leaves and glitter. I know a lot of you out there hate glitter. It is messy and takes forever to clean up, but it’s the holidays, and what is a holiday without sparkly glitter?

This project is very easy to complete. I finished it in a couple of hours. The longest thing you will have to do is wait for the glitter and glue to dry.

Supplies used:

  • Artificial leaves
  • Mod Podge (matte)
  • Sponge Brush
  • Glitter (multiple colors)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Jute Rope
  • Burlap Ribbon (optional)

DSCF6157 (2)

Begin by applying a layer of Mod Podge on each leaf with a foam brush. Then, sprinkle glitter on the leaves until they are completely covered.

DSCF6160 (2) DSCF6161 (2) DSCF6162 (2)

Let the leaves dry for a couple of hours, then seal them with another layer of Mod Podge.

DSCF6167 (2) DSCF6169 (2)

Cut wire-edge ribbon of your choice into various lengths, and glue the leaves to the end of each cut piece. (I used jute rope instead of wire ribbon.)

20151124_161002 (2)20151124_161002 (2)

Gather the ribbon ends, tie them into a knot at the top, and trim the ends.

Here is the finished hanger:

20151124_161642 (2) 20151124_161758 (2)

I love seeing all the beautiful colors together. I added a burlap bow to the top of the hanger to finish the look. I can’t wait to use this hanger for Thanksgiving and Christmas!



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Mason Jar Snow Globe

I love Christmas, and I enjoy making decorations for my home. This is the first Christmas since my son was born that my family and I will get to spend at home without traveling, so I plan on making our house look as festive as possible. I am working on lots of DIY decorations, and I hope to share them with you all as time permits.

For this blog post, I decided to make a snow globe. I already had a case of mason jars at home, so I only needed to buy a couple of other cheap items.I used the following supplies to complete this project: mason jar, glue gun, glue sticks, water, fine glitter, miniature Christmas figurines. All of the supplies were really inexpensive because I bought them at dollar stores.

DSCF2271 (2)DSCF2367 (2)

Step 1:

Turn the lid upside down. Then, hot glue the figurines to the lid. Make sure the figurines are centered on the lid so that they do not cover the seal.

DSCF2273 (2)

Step 2:

Fill the mason jar almost to the top with water. Then, pour in the glitter. (You can either pour in the glitter first or the water, it’s just personal preference.)

DSCF2278 (2) DSCF2279 (2)


***FYI: A lot of tutorials called for using glycerin in the water because it can make the glitter fall slowly. It made my glitter lump together, so use at your own discretion.

Step 4:

Turn the figurines over into the water. Then, tightly screw on the lid.

DSCF2291 (2)

DSCF2299 (2)

DSCF2308 (2)

I really enjoyed making this snow globe. The supplies were inexpensive, and it didn’t take a lot of time to complete. I look forward to making more of these for family and friends.