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Floral Crate Truck

I love crates! They are perfect for organizing my supplies, and I also enjoy using them for craft projects. There are an endless amount of ideas on how to use wood crates in your home. I've seen some people turn them into cabinets, tables, window seats, etc. While browsing the internet, I found the cutest… Continue reading Floral Crate Truck


Craft Roundup: Wood Crate Projects

Welcome to another Craft Roundup! Today, I am sharing my favorite wood crate projects. I have decorated several wood crates for every room in my home. They are perfect for storing books, keepsakes, files, and other items. Enjoy the photos and links to the tutorials.   1. Wood Crate Bookcase   2. Chevron Wood Crate… Continue reading Craft Roundup: Wood Crate Projects


Wood Crate Bookcase

I am obsessed with getting my home organized. It has been my mission to make sure everything in my house has its designated place. I wanted to find creative and stylish ways to store toys, books, and other items. That's why I was so excited to find some wood crates on sale. When I bought… Continue reading Wood Crate Bookcase