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DIY Glitter Pine Cones

These glittered pine cones are an inexpensive and beautiful way to decorate for the holidays. In only a few steps,  you can add a little sparkle to your home.


DSCF6267 (2)  DSCF6286 (2)

  • Pine Cones
  • Extra Fine Glitter (multiple colors)
  • Glue

Place several pine cones on a cookie sheet, and bake for 40 minutes in a 200° F oven. This will kill any insects on the pine cones. Let the pine cones cool for about 30 minutes.

DSCF6269 (2)

Cover your work space with newspaper or with anything that can catch the falling glitter. Although glitter is pretty, it is also very messy!

Coat each pine cone with glue. I used tacky glue, but any clear drying glue will do.

DSCF6287 (2)

Lay the pine cones on paper plates and sprinkle glitter over the cones. Turn the plate as you sprinkle to make sure the pine cones are evenly covered with glitter.

DSCF6293 (2) DSCF6291 (2) DSCF6289 (2)

Let the pine cones dry for 3-4 hours.

DSCF6297 (2)


Now the pine cones are ready to display for the holidays!

DSCF6302 (3)

DSCF6296 (3)




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DIY Pine Cone Ornaments

I wanted to share with you all my version of pine cone ornaments. This was my first time doing a craft project using pine cones. I had a lot of fun making these beautiful ornaments and adding a bit of nature to my Christmas decor.

I used the following supplies:

  • Pine Cones
  • Snow Spray
  • Jute Rope
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun

20151208_142730 (2)

1. Go outside and pick pine cones.

2. Bake the pine cones in the oven at 200° for about 40-45 minutes. This will get rid of the bugs that are sometimes on the pine cones.

20151208_142145 (2)

3. Remove pine cones from the oven and let cool.

4. Spray pine cones with snow spray. I bought a small can of it at a dollar store in the Christmas decor section. The spray is easy to use and dries after a few minutes.

20151208_154945 (2)

5. Cut jute rope into 8 inch long pieces, and use the hot glue gun to glue the ends of the rope to the top of the pine cones.

20151209_130847 (2) 20151209_130834 (2)

6. Make a bow for the pine cones using decorative ribbon.

20151209_131053 (2) 20151209_132008 (2) 20151209_132348 (2)

7. Use the hot glue gun again to glue the bows on the pine cones.

20151209_132611 (2)

Here are the finished ornaments:

20151209_140036 (2)

The ornaments are so lovely, and give my mantel a rustic look. I think I will do this project again next Christmas!




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Sequin Christmas Trees

This is one of those projects that is fun and easy to make but also takes some hours to complete. I am in the process of decorating my mantel for Christmas, and these colorful sequins trees are the perfect addition to the holiday decor in my home.

Supplies I used:

  • 2 Floral Foam Cones
  • Sequins
  • Straight pins

DSCF6128 (2)

The reason this project takes so long is because each sequin is pinned to the cones one at a time.

DSCF6136 (2)

Warning: You will need several hundred sequins and pins! So prepare yourself before you begin making your trees. I found the packs of sequins and pins at dollar stores. Each pack cost me about $1 each.

DSCF6137 (2) DSCF6168 (2)

The sequins come in multiple colors, and you can arrange them any way you like. I was going for an ombre effect for my trees.

DSCF6177 (2)

Here they are on my mantel:

DSCF6280 (2)

The trees are so colorful and vibrant!