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Tin Bucket with Flowers Centerpiece

The ideas and projects I make for my home are a huge source of inspiration for this blog, so today I want to share with you all a pretty centerpiece I made using a tin bucket, flowers, and chalkboard paint.

20160131_150220 (2) 20160131_150149 (2)

The best thing about this project is that you can use it for a variety of events: baby showers, receptions, weddings, birthday gifts, etc. The possibilities are endless. The centerpiece is easy to arrange, and you can change the flowers and writing throughout the year.


  • Tin Bucket
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Dry Floral Foam
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Stencil
  • Chalk Marker
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint Brush

20160131_132343 (2)

1. Use the masking tape to make a square on the front of the pail.

2. Paint inside the square with chalkboard paint. Apply two coats. Let each coat dry for an hour. Remove tape once paint is completely dry.

20160131_133028 (2) 20160131_133012 (2)

3. Cut the dry floral foam into half pieces, and push them inside the bucket. The floral foam will help keep the flowers in place.

20160131_134635 (2) 20160131_134901 (2)

4. Begin pushing flowers into the foam pieces inside the bucket. You may have to bend the flower stems some to get the flowers at the length you want.

20160131_134917 (2)

20160131_141256 (2)

5. Use a stencil (optional) and a chalk marker to write on the chalkboard paint.

The centerpiece is ready to display once the chalk dries. Enjoy!

20160131_145238 (2)

20160131_150917_2_bestshot (2)


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Charger Plate and Metal Tray Crafts

These craft projects are easy ways to decorate your home.

For the first project, I used a cheap charger plate I bought at a craft store for $1, gold spray paint, a Sharpie paint pen, and a stencil.

DSCF1959DSCF1920DSCF2045 Sharpie_PaintMd_black

I painted the plate with the gold spray paint. Once the paint was dry, I drew designs on the plate using the paint pen and stencil.




For the next project, I used metal serving trays from Dollar Tree to make useful wall decorations.


I used Krylon Paint + Primer in different colors to paint the trays. Then, I added chalkboard paint to one of the trays.


I made magnets for the other trays using adhesive magnet buttons and mosaic tiles.



Here is the finished project:




Now I have a fun way of leaving messages and instructions for my family.



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Chalkboard Table

This simple DIY project is for anyone who is looking for a fun way to spruce up a table.


I owned this cheap, small table for several years. I never did anything with it, so this week was the perfect opportunity to finally put it to some use.



I bought some chalkboard paint and primer to turn the table into something my son could write on in his room.


I washed and dried the table to remove all dirt and dust. Next, I took the table outside to begin the priming and painting process.


I sprayed several coats of the chalkboard paint onto the table, letting each coat dry for about an hour. Finally, after  24 hours, I was able to start writing on the table with chalk.



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Glass Jar with Chalkboard Paint Label

I am loving so many of the different chalkboard paint crafts on various blogs, so I had to do a project for my home. I bought a cheap glass canister from a dollar store, a heart stencil, and a 2 fl. oz. bottle of chalkboard paint to complete this project.


I taped the stencil onto the glass jar and painted about three coats of the paint into a heart shape.


I let the paint dry for about 3 hours before I wrote on the jar with chalk.

DSCF0581 DSCF0584 DSCF0602

This inexpensive project is a great gift idea for friends and family. You can fill the jar with your loved one’s favorite treats and write their name on the paint.