Custom Canvas Wall Art|A Review of Photowall

Canvas art is one of my favorite ways to decorate the walls in my home. The perfect print can turn a drab-looking room into a place that is fit to be in the pages of home magazines. I recently had the opportunity to receive a customized canvas print from a wonderful company called Photowall. Photowall… Continue reading Custom Canvas Wall Art|A Review of Photowall


Craft Roundup: DIY Canvas Art

Welcome to the weekly Craft Roundup! Today I am showing some of my favorite art projects. By no means am I good at drawing and painting, so all the art tutorials included in this blog post are for the beginner artists and for people who want to make easy canvas art. Enjoy, and please feel… Continue reading Craft Roundup: DIY Canvas Art


Colorful Polka Dot Art

I love colorful art projects that are easy to paint. This project is so fun and simple that you can do it with children. Supplies: 12" x 16" Canvas Acrylic Paint (6 colors) Cotton Swabs Letter Stencils Trace or freehand letters on the canvas. Pour multiple colors of acrylic paint on a plate. Dip a… Continue reading Colorful Polka Dot Art


Vintage Love Letter Canvas

I recently began reading love letters from the 19th century. The letters were so thoughtful and beautiful. Even the cursive writing was elegant. Those letters inspired me to create a craft project. I started by reusing a canvas from a previous project. I hadn't used it in a while, and I did not want to… Continue reading Vintage Love Letter Canvas


Button and Bead Art

Over the past few months, I have seen so many beautiful craft projects and art using buttons. I never had enough buttons at home to do a project for myself until I was able to buy a package of buttons at a craft store (thank goodness for coupons). Those pretty buttons inspired me to create… Continue reading Button and Bead Art


Simple Canvas Art

I love doing inexpensive canvas art. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and to spruce up the walls in my house. While I was shopping in Dollar Tree, I came across a section of wall stickers made by Main Street Wall Creations. They offer so many options for wall decorations, and all you… Continue reading Simple Canvas Art


Newspaper Canvas Art

I did a canvas art project last year that did not turn out the way I wanted it to. So, I had to find some way to reuse the canvas because I didn't want to throw it away and waste money. I saw so many great ideas online on how to reuse an old canvas,… Continue reading Newspaper Canvas Art