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DIY Upcycled Projects

Are you ready to join the upcycling movement? For those who don’t know, to upcycle means to reuse an object or material and turn it into something of higher quality or value.

This process has grown in popularity over the years because it’s a great way to save money, and more people are investing in sustainable practices.

What I enjoy most about upcycling is the joy and satisfaction of turning what some perceive as trash into treasure. It is gratifying to give new life to old, worn-out items. 

Upcycling is reworking, reinventing, trying to see new forms within the already existing ones without losing the original touch that identifies them.

So, how to get started? The answer is that inspiration for upcycling is everywhere. The first place to look for ideas is in your home. If you are like me, I know you probably own a piece of furniture that could use an update. How about some old jars? Clean them and turn them into vases, lighting, or candy jars. You can also reuse boxes and turn them into decorative storage. The possibilities are endless. With just a little planning and imagination, you can transform almost anything you find into something unique and beautiful. 

Now go and grab your paints, brushes, hammer, and nails, and start creating! 

Please continue reading to check out some creative ways I upcycled and repurposed several items in my home. 

Everyday Items Can Become Mini Gardens

My backyard is small, so I always look for ways to add charm and character. I saw a few photos on Pinterest where people reused everything from tires to toilets and turned them into planters. For my projects, I used an old grill and two tires.

DIY Hanging Tire Planter

Reuse Boxes

Every week on trash day, my husband knows to ask me first before he throws away boxes. I use them all the time for different projects. They come in handy when my son needs to do a project for school. Recently I turned a box into storage for my bathroom. I use it to hold tissue and other toiletries for guests.

Rope Basket

Turn an Old Bookcase Into Wall Decor

My son had a bookcase in his room that became damaged over the years. At first, I was going to throw it away, but then I decided to take it apart and turn the shelves and other pieces into decorative signs. The good thing about old and broken furniture is that you can reuse several parts for other projects.

Wood Crates
There are so many amazing things you can do with wood crates. One of the first projects I created was turning a crate I found into a wall cabinet. Of course, I made many errors, but I had so much fun learning how to use a drill and other tools.
I’ve reused sets of crates over the years and made everything from a bookcase to a dollhouse.

Crate Wall Cabinet

Below are some photos of a crate coffee table I made for my living room. Inspiration for this project was found at DIY Everywhere.

Who says that shutters are just for windows? I took one of my old shutters, added a small crate, and now it’s hanging in my backyard!

Reuse Glass Jars
I believe that glass jars are some of the easiest objects to upcycle. There are so many ways to decorate and reuse them in your home. My favorite thing is to paint and use them as flower vases. I’ve also used them as candy jars.

Reuse Pickle Jars

Upcycling your old items into new ones can be a fun experience. So enjoy yourself, and don’t worry about making mistakes. It’s all about learning to be creative and giving a second chance to discarded materials.

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