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Decorative Wooden Hangers

Instead of my usual craft tutorials, I am using today’s blog post to share with you some photos of one of the projects I made for myself. I love decorative clothes hangers because they are the perfect way to make my closet look beautiful and organized. I recently bought a set of plain, wooden hangers that I gave a shabby chic makeover.

20160216_125523 (2)

20160221_151004 (2) 20160221_150704 (2)

The thing I liked most about this craft project is that it was a fun way to express my creativity. I took a glue gun, some ribbon, beads, paint, and embellishments and made designs on the hangers. I didn’t plan or over think what I was going to do. I just went with whatever I felt at the time and added some feminine and pretty decorations to the wooden hangers.


Enjoy the photos, and hopefully they will inspire you to decorate your own hangers!