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Lamp Makeovers

I love to spruce up old pieces of furniture. Giving things in my home a makeover has been a lot cheaper than buying new furniture.

I owned these two lamps for several years, but was only using one of them in my bedroom.

DSCF3990 (2)

As you can see they are both old and kind of dusty. I contemplated for a couple of days about what to do with them. Then I remembered that I had some left over acrylic paint and spray paint that would look great on the lamps.

DSCF4005 (2)

Before I began painting, I made sure to clean the lamps with a wet rag to remove any dirt or dust

I painted the base of the lamps with the Looking Glass spray paint.

DSCF4042 (2)

I used white acrylic paint on the lampshades. This is my first time using acrylic paint on fabric. I had no idea how it would turn out, but I didn’t want to spend any extra money on buying fabric paint.

DSCF4014 (2)

It took me about five coats of paint to fully cover the lampshades. The bigger lampshade took the most paint because it was hard to cover up the gold and brown print.


After the paint dried, I began adding pearl beads to the lampshades using Tacky Glue.

DSCF4017 (2) DSCF4020 (2)


I let the lampshades sit for about 24 hours before handling them again. I wanted to make sure all the beads were completely dry.

Here are the finished lamps:

DSCF4116 (2)

I’m pleased with how the lamps turned out. It’s always nice to give something old a fresh new look instead of just throwing it away. What are some pieces of furniture in your home that could use a makeover? Please comment and share!


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Craft Roundup

This has been such a busy week! I’m finally getting the opportunity to share this blog post with everyone. I’ve cleaned out my camera and computer, and I found some photos of projects that I’ve never shared. I make lots of crafts throughout the week for myself and for other people. I don’t always get a chance to write tutorials for everything that I create, but I still want to share the photos with the fabulous readers and subscribers of this blog. I hope you all enjoy getting a glimpse at each project.

The first project is something I like to call a mini “LOVE” statue. I made it out of a foam poster board and glitter. Then I glued the letters on a painted wood board.

DSCF3756 (2) DSCF3761 (2) DSCF3767 (2) DSCF3770 (2) DSCF3796 (2)

The second project is my version of DIY Lava Lamps. This is an awesome idea to share with children. I filled each water bottle with 1/3 water and 2/3 vegetable oil. I poured about 8-10 drops of food coloring into each bottle. Then I added Alka Seltzer. The Alka Seltzer combines with the oil, water, and food coloring to create the lava effect.

DSCF3928 (2) DSCF3930 (2) DSCF3935 (2) DSCF3939 (2) DSCF3949 (2) DSCF3966 (3)

For the third project, I painted this paper decor that I bought during a clearance sale. I used the eraser on the pencil to help paint the polka dots.

DSCF3635 (2)DSCF3637 (2) DSCF3639 (2) DSCF3640 (2) DSCF3644 (2)

The last projects are crafts that I made for two social media events hosted by a magazine.

The first assignment was decorating Easter eggs. All I did was hot glue floral embellishments on plastic eggs.

DSCF3262 (2) DSCF3262 (3)

The second assignment was to make handmade cards. I made my cards using cardstock, washi tape, felt flowers, and a plastic flower.

DSCF3675 (2) DSCF3681 (2) DSCF3696 (2)

Please feel free to share and comment on any project. Have a great day!

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Mickey Mouse Candy Jar

This craft project combines two of my favorite things: Mickey Mouse and candy. I’ve made a candy jar before, but this one was much more fun because my family and I are huge Disney fans, and we are planning on taking a trip to Disney World next summer.

Here’s a list of supplies I used to create this candy jar:

DSCF3836 (2)

    • Red and black acrylic paint
    • Candy
    • Glass bowl
    • 6″ Clay flower pot and lid
    • Mickey Mouse figurine
    • Elmer’s® Ultra Stix-All Adhesive
    • Mod Podge

I started off by painting the flower pot red and the lid black. I applied three coats of paint to get the right color. After the paint was dry, I sealed the pot and lid with Mod Podge to make sure the paint didn’t chip.

DSCF3837 (2)

When the Mod Podge dried, I applied the Elmer’s glue to the bottom of the flower pot then added the glass bowl. I also glued the figurine on top of the lid.

DSCF3843 (2)

DSCF3847 (2)DSCF3855 (3)

The instructions on the glue stated to wait 24 hours before handling the project, and that maximum strength will develop in 72 hours.

Here is the finished product:

DSCF3864 (2)

And here are some photos of the jar filled with candy:

DSCF3888 (2) DSCF3923 (2)


I loved making this candy jar. It was a big hit with my family. I was especially happy with how inexpensive the supplies were. I was able to find everything at dollar stores for a total of about $10. I also enjoyed using the Elmer’s glue because it wasn’t runny and didn’t have any of the fumes that are so common with glass glues.


I hope you all enjoyed reading about my new candy jar. Feel free to leave comments and share with others!


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Customize Chair with Mod Podge

I enjoy working with Mod Podge and discovering all the different projects I can create with it. I saw lots of posts on Pinterest where people used Mod Podge to decoupage furniture with objects like paper, leaves, fabric, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to use some of these techniques and give one of my chairs a makeover using wrapping paper, spray paint, and Mod Podge.


As you can see, this chair needs lots of attention. I started off by cleaning up the chair with warm water and soap. It was dusty and dirty from years of neglect.

After the cleaning, I took the chair outside and painted it with Krylon ColorMaster Paint+Primer (white,gloss). I used about two cans to fully cover the chair.

DSCF1654  DSCF3800 (2)

I didn’t do anything else to the chair until the next day. My personal preference is to let the paint settle on an object before I start working with it again.

On the next day, I began cutting the wrapping paper to fit the chair. This was the hardest part because the chair had some weird angles on one side. I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge on the chair and on the back of the paper with a foam brush. Then, I glued the paper to the chair while using my finger to help smooth out any bubbles.

DSCF3810 (2) DSCF3812 (2)DSCF3811 (2)

I also used an X-acto Knife to help trim some of the wrapping paper.

I let the paper dry for 2-3 hours, then I sealed the chair with another layer of Mod Podge.


Here is the finished chair:

DSCF3816 (2)

I think the chair looks awesome, and my husband also thought it was impressive. I might try this technique on some other furniture and with some different wrapping paper.


I hope you all like the chair. Please feel free to share and comment.