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Mod Podge Crafts

I own a lot of scrapbook paper and Mod Podge, so it was only natural for me to create some craft projects using the two supplies. I made these lovely, springtime crafts with only a few products.

  1. The first project is a small wood crate that I bought and painted a few months ago. I was using it for storage on my desk.

9218058DSCF3370 (2)

I started by cutting the paper to fit the crate. Next, I glued the paper and crate together by applying a thin layer of Mod Podge on the crate and the back of the paper. (Use your hands or some other object to help smooth out any wrinkles in the paper.) I let the Mod Podge dry for a couple of hours, then I added another layer to seal the crate.

DSCF3372 (2) DSCF3384 (2)

2. For the next project, I decorated a small wood box that’s almost shaped like a purse.

DSCF3350 (2)

I painted the box light yellow.

DSCF3357 (2)

Next, I cut the paper to fit the outside and inside of the box.

DSCF3361 (2)

Then I glued the paper to the box using Mod Podge.

DSCF3366 (2)

Finally, I let the box dry for a couple of hours.

Now I have a cute storage box for my jewelry and other small items.

DSCF3473 (2) DSCF3470 (2) DSCF3463 (2)


3. I used a wood tray for the last project.

DSCF3368 (2)

I painted the tray with Krylon Sun Yellow Spray Paint.

DSCF2050 (2) DSCF3377 (2)

Next, I cut the scrapbook paper to fit inside the tray.

DSCF3382 (2)

Then I glued and sealed the paper into the tray using Mod Podge.

DSCF3433 (2)

I love this tray because it matches the yellow flowers and candles in my living room.

DSCF3438 (2)


Enjoy reading this post and feel free to share and comment!



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Alphabet Glass Stones

This is a fun and easy alphabet project I created for my son. He had such a great time playing with the letters. I love doing DIY projects that are simple and educational.

I used the following supplies:

  • Mod Podge
  • Glass Stones
  • Exacto Knife
  • Alphabet Printout

DSCF3291 (2) DSCF3291 (4)

DSCF3309 (2)DSCF3291 (3)

The next steps are very simple: I placed the glass stone on each letter, then I cut out the letters with the Exacto Knife. Next, I put Mod Podge on the back of the stones and on the front of the letters. Finally, I put the two together and let them dry for a couple of hours.

DSCF3311 (2) DSCF3318 (2) DSCF3317 (3) DSCF3314 (2)


I hope you all will enjoy completing this project as much as I did. These stones are an excellent and inexpensive way to teach children their ABCs and how to spell words. Also, make sure to watch the younger children as they play with these small objects.

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DIY Map TV Tray

I had so much fun completing this project. I’d been thinking for a while about different crafts I could do with road maps. I finally decided to mod podge the map on a TV tray I owned for a few years.

DSCF3177 (3)

I started off by cleaning the dust and dirt from the tray. Then I spray painted the tray with Krylon Paint + Primer (gloss, white).

0072450408800_500X500 DSCF3192 (2)

I had some errands to complete, so I let the tray dry for rest of the night. Then on the next day, I cut out the map to fit on top of the tray.

DSCF3208 (2) DSCF3214 (2)

Next, I glued the map to the tray with Mod Podge (gloss). I spread the Mod Podge on top of the tray and on the back of the map. Then I pressed them firmly together, making sure I removed any lumps or bubbles.

DSCF3217 (2)

Finally, I let the tray dry for a couple of hours, then I gave it one last coat of Mod Podge to seal the map and paint.

DSCF3237 (3) DSCF3235 (2) DSCF3236 (3)

I’m so happy with how this project came together. I think the map matches well with the white paint.