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Chevron Wood Crate

I completed this easy project in just a couple of hours. I love working with wood crates because there are so many ways to decorate them and use them in my house. I found this white wash wood crate at Joann Fabrics and Crafts:

DSCF3122 (3)

I was so happy with this crate because it was already an excellent color, and I bought it at 40% off with a coupon!

I’m going with a gray and yellow theme in my living room, so I painted parts of the crate with gray chalk paint.

DSCF3080 (2) DSCF3151

I let the paint dry for about two hours. Then, I decorated the crate with marigold chevron washi tape.


Here is the finished crate:

DSCF3154 (2)


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Painted Wood Plaque and Letter

I love doing craft projects with laser-cut wood frames and plaques. I think they are both excellent ways to create unique wall art. On my recent trip to Michaels, I bought this wood plaque and wood letter:

DSCF3078 (2)

I let the two objects sit on my table for a couple of days because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. Then, one day as I was walking around a store, I saw lots of products that were gray and yellow. I loved the way those two colors complimented each other. I immediately went to another craft store and bought yellow acrylic paint and gray chalk paint.

DSCF3083 (2)

I painted the plaque gray:

DSCF3089 (2)

and the letter “B” yellow:

DSCF3093 (2)

I used two coats of paint on each object. I lightly sanded the paint on the plaque with fine grit sandpaper to give the plaque a chalk finish. Then, I hot glued the letter on the plaque and hung the finished project on my wall.

DSCF3120 (2)


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DIY Mickey Mouse Clock

My child (like millions of other children) is a huge Mickey Mouse fan. Our television is on Disney Junior almost everyday. I have bought several Mickey Mouse toys, furniture, and books. So, it was only natural for me to do a craft project in honor of this beloved character.

I used this inexpensive clock (cost under $4, 8.75″ in diameter) as my base.

DSCF3021 (2)

I disassembled the clock so that I could add my designs.

DSCF3027 (2)

I cut white card stock into a circle and used it as my background.

DSCF3029 (2)

Next, I used a Mickey Mouse punch to make shapes for the clock.

DSCF3026 (2) DSCF3032 (2)

Then, I pasted the shapes on the white paper, and used a Mickey Mouse sticker (bought at Joann Fabric and Craft Store) to draw more designs.

DSCF3033 (2) DSCF3037 (2)

Finally, I wrote numbers on the shapes and reassembled the clock.

DSCF3069 (3)

I enjoyed creating this project, and my son loves his new clock!



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Valentine’s Day Mantel

I love decorating for holidays and other occasions. I had a lot of unused red decorations left over from Christmas, so I decided to decorate the mantel above my fireplace. I made some new projects, but a lot of the items were things that I already owned or made for other blog posts. These ideas can be used not only for a mantel, but for any space in your home.

For the first project, I made a garland for the mantel by tying 5″ strips of red and white tulle around some Christmas lights.

DSCF2954 (2)DSCF2959 (2) DSCF2971 (2)

The next project I made was a 12″ heart-shaped wreath covered with red burlap.

DSCF2848 (2) DSCF2851 (2)  DSCF2854 (2) DSCF2946 (2)

I wrapped the burlap around the wreath and secured it with red pipe cleaner.


Two more projects were made with products from Dollar Tree.

DSCF2956 (2) DSCF2960 (2)

I painted the frames red using Krylon Dual Paint+Primer. Then, I glued together glass bowls on candle holders and filled the bowls with plastic heart gems.


IDSCF2929 (2) DSCF2937 (2) DSCF2936







Finally, I arranged all the items together on the mantel.

DSCF2977 (2) DSCF2987 (2)



***LOVE canvas tutorial can be found here.

***Candy jar tutorial can be found here.

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Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Lamp

I wanted to share this idea with anyone who wanted to make a unique Valentine’s gift for loved ones or find a fun way to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I think mason jars are a great way to display candy and other items. I loved pairing the jar with the lamp shade.

I used the following items:

I began by poking holes into the lamp shade with a safety pin to give it a starry effect.

DSCF2778 (2) DSCF2806 (2)

Next, I poured candy into the jar.

DSCF2798 (2) DSCF2829 (2)

Then, I screwed the adapter on the jar.


Finally, I screwed on the lamp shade and light bulb. Here is the finished lamp:

DSCF2832 (2)


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Valentine’s Day Canvas Art

I love doing crafts for Valentine’s Day. There are so many ways that I can express my creativity, and make gifts for loved ones. I buy a lot of craft supplies throughout the year so that I will be ready for holidays and special events like Valentine’s Day. For this particular project, I used a 14″x18″ canvas, red paint pen, and a paper stencil to create beautiful and easy art for my living room.

This is a very easy project. It only took me a few minutes to complete.

DSCF2919 (2) DSCF2999 (2)


All I did was paint the letters and shapes on the canvas using the paint pen.

DSCF2922 (2)

DSCF2923 (4)

Instant Valentine’s Day art!