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Chalkboard Table

This simple DIY project is for anyone who is looking for a fun way to spruce up a table.


I owned this cheap, small table for several years. I never did anything with it, so this week was the perfect opportunity to finally put it to some use.



I bought some chalkboard paint and primer to turn the table into something my son could write on in his room.


I washed and dried the table to remove all dirt and dust. Next, I took the table outside to begin the priming and painting process.


I sprayed several coats of the chalkboard paint onto the table, letting each coat dry for about an hour. Finally, after  24 hours, I was able to start writing on the table with chalk.



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Simple Canvas Art

I love doing inexpensive canvas art. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and to spruce up the walls in my house. While I was shopping in Dollar Tree, I came across a section of wall stickers made by Main Street Wall Creations. They offer so many options for wall decorations, and all you have to do is peel and stick them onto a clean, dry surface.

I chose the “Keep Calm and Carry On” sticker because I love how I can apply the message to different situations in my life.

DSCF1353 (2)


Before applying the stickers, I painted a 16″x20″ stretched canvas with yellow acrylic paint.

DSCF1348 DSCF1358DSCF1352







I waited a few hours to let the paint dry. Then I applied the stickers. Very simple!


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Mason Jar Lamp

You will love this project if you are a fan of Mason Jar crafts.

I used the following supplies:

  • Canning Jar Lamp Adapter (I bought it at
  • Mandarin Orange Krylon Spray Paint
  • Mason Jar
  • Skittles
  • Light Bulb
  • Stencil
  • Lamp Shade

71QzZylWEaL._SL1500_ DSCF1259 DSCF1262

First, I spray painted the lamp shade and let it dry for a couple of hours.


Next, I poured the candy into the jar. Then, I screwed the adapter on top of the jar. Finally, I plugged the lamp into the socket.

DSCF1283 DSCF1286

This lamp was a big hit with my family. I love it because you can fill the jar with just about anything. I also love the fact that this project took me very little time to assemble. I’m already thinking of other foods and objects I can use to fill the jar.

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Fourth of July Crafts

Celebrate Independence Day with these two fun and easy craft projects!


The first craft project is a wreath. This wreath is so simple to make. I used the following supplies:

  • 14 in. grapevine wreath
  • small paper flag
  • glue gun
  • patriotic bow
  • red, white, and blue glitter
  • chipboard letters

bfcbfd2a6ca5dddf486901c6d5ad254c 692145 DSCF1233


First, I tied the bow onto the top part of the wreath. Next, I glued glitter onto the letters. Once the letters dried, I glued them on the wreath. Finally, I added the paper flag.


This wreath took me very little time to make. The longest part was waiting on the glitter to dry on the letters.



For the second project, I made a patriotic felt mirror. I used the following supplies:

  • red, white, and blue felt
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • wooden picture frame
  • 5 in. round mirror
  • rhinestones

DSCF1198 DSCF1209DSCF1217

I started off by gluing the mirror onto the picture frame.



Next, I started making the felt flower petals.( I found an excellent tutorial at this blog on how to make different styles of felt flowers.)

DSCF1208 DSCF1210

Then, I started gluing the felt petals and rhinestones onto the mirror and frame until the frame was completely covered.


Here is the finished product:

DSCF1218 DSCF1222