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Paper Towel/Tissue Roll Tree

I have saved several paper towel and tissue paper rolls over the past few months to use for future projects. I was so happy to discover the website, where a poster gave a step-by-step tutorial (click here) on how to make a tree using the rolls, paint, and glue.


Below are photos of how I made my tree:







I think this is an excellent way to recycle tissue rolls. I can see this as a fun project for a child’s room, a classroom, or for anyone who likes to create unique wall decorations.



***All credit for this idea goes to melissa at!***




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Painting Old Furniture

My husband owned this end table for a few years before we got married. It had been in our bedroom covered up with a sheet, and we mostly used it as a junk drawer. I got tired of seeing it in a corner collecting dust, so I decided to spruce it up and paint it.

I used spray paint instead of hand painting the table because I’m pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for things to dry. I bought Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze Paint + Primer (I used two cans) and Krylon Looking Glass Paint from Walmart.

106449 Krylon-Looking-Glass-Aerosol-6-ounce-Spray-Paint-for-Mirror-Effect-L13479130


I cleaned the end table with a warm, wet towel before I began painting the table in my backyard. I also removed the handle because I was painting it with the Looking Glass paint.

DSCF1068 DSCF1070

Krylon spray paints dry very quickly. I let each coat dry about 20 minutes before I started painting again. Then I screwed the handle back onto the drawer. I’m very pleased with how the table turned out. I love the Blue Ocean Breeze color, and I plan on using it for future projects.



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Mardi Gras Bead Crafts

These two projects are the result of me being bored one weekend and having way too many Mardi Gras beads that my family and I have collected over the years.

For the first project, I used a food tray stand, sun yellow Krylon Dual Paint + Primer, glue gun and glue sticks, and Mardi Gras beads. First, I cut the beads from the strands. Next, I painted the tray. After the paint dried, I began to hot glue the beads into different patterns onto the top of the tray.

DSCF0788 DSCF0858 DSCF0855


For the second project, I used a wine bottle, beads, and a glue gun and glue sticks. All I did was hot glue the beads onto the bottle.

DSCF1036 (2)

DSCF1056 (2)