Craft Project for Your Bathroom

I found this inexpensive and simple craft project on the Better Homes and Gardens website. I added my own twist by painting the candlestick using food coloring and Elmer’s glue. The purpose of this project is to add some creative storage to your bathroom.

014 (1000x750)I bought two plates that cost $1.50 each, $1.00 glue, $0.50 blue and green food coloring, and I used an old candlestick that I had in storage. I mixed a couple of drops of the blue and green food coloring with the glue and painted it onto the candlestick. The food coloring and glue gave the candlestick a stained glass look.

017 (1000x750)018 (1000x750)

After the candlestick dried, I glued the plates using Gorilla Glue.

020 (1000x750) 022 (1000x750)

It takes about an hour for the glue to completely dry. Here is how I’m using the finished product in my bathroom:

030 (1000x750) 033 (1000x750)

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